Our president Wei (right) and director Magdalen (left) taking a photo with Delaney and Spenser (middle) who are sponsored by our club for this year’s Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) program
Delaney and Spenser were the two students the Club has sponsored for this year’s Rotary Youth Leadership Awards program.  They shared their experience with the Club and really appreciate the opportunity to participate in the program as they have learned a lot.   

There were different workshops they attended including one where a person who has went to Japan after the tsunami to help spoke to the young leaders about his experience.  And there was one on ethics where they were separated into teams and was told the goal was to make the most money.  The teams went ahead and tried to make the most money for their teams but the purpose of the workshop was to generate the most money from all the teams and it could be achieved only if they worked together as a community.  They have learned the importance of community from that workshop.  The one Delaney liked the most was one on communication styles.  She learned that there are 4 personality styles and how to work with the different styles effectively – something the school does not teach students. 

Overall they found the program very inspiring and enjoyed being among like-minded people who all want to help and contribute to the community. 

They would like to start an Interact Club at the Hugh Boyd School and hope to get it done in a year’s time.   

Spenser has produced a video for Teens Against Gangs contest sponsored by CBC News and The Vancouver Sun last year with his sister Chelsea and another friend Adam Zohar.  The video has won the contest with a $1,000 prize rewarding them after the 3 days of hard work they have put in.