Thanks for Magdalen Leung from Rotary Club of Richmond Sunset in Canada’s donation of rmb1,600, we prepared lunchbox as gift for children in Kuhemo primary school in Liangshan prefecture, Scihuan province where our water project GG#1634003 did.
The lunch box also comes with spoon
On September 28, we brought those supplies to Meigu but didn’t bring it successfully to school due to the bad road condition. On October 8, our local volunteer teacher Liu Yuan helped to transfer it to school by minibus when the road condition was much better.
Then, they distributed those gifts to kids on October 9th.
Now, every kid has their own lunchbox, they can bring lunch from home then have lunch at school. See below how happy they are!
As for Magdalen’s gift of chocolate, teacher Liu distributed to kids a little every lunch that they can replenish energy every day.
Thanks again for Magdalen’s caring for those kids! Letters from kids will be prepared later.