DG Rebecca started off by thanking Magdalen and the Club for the beautiful cherry blossom tree made up of origami cranes and cherry blossoms at the Zone Institute for last week. 

The Rotary theme for this year “Peace through Service” set by RI President Sakuji Tanaka could have different meanings including the literal meaning of free from poverty and suffering to freedom of speech and choice to the more abstract meaning of inner happiness and sense of calm. 

DG Rebecca learned from her president-elect conference in San Diego that not the same freedoms exist in other places around the world and we are very lucky living in Canada.  No matter what culture and what country Rotarians are in, we all want to make a difference.  That could be achieved through simple acts such as offering a helping hand or just a simple smile.  

Rotarians make a difference by setting an example, not by demonstration or other ways. 

The Club should focus on the existing members and conditions within the Club first before going after new members.  It is important to find individuals who really want to help and have the time to commit and get involved in club projects instead of just attending meetings every week.  They should really understand Rotary values.  It is also vital to let existing members know that they are valued and appreciated by the Club. 

DG Rebecca shared her sister’s story with the Club.  She has asked her sister to join her Rotary Club meetings and events before but her sister said no.  However, one day after her club’s president spoke to her sister, she joined for a meeting.  The reason was Rebecca never told her sister what Rotary is and does besides flipping pancakes, whereas the club president explained to her sister the bigger picture of Rotary and how it is helping to make the world a better place. 

DG Rebecca has hosted six Youth Exchange at her home which brought her family around the world and has sponsored young adults to RYLA as well.  One of her Rotary moments is related to one of the people she has sponsored and how the RYLA program has changed his life. 

The Rotary Foundation is making an impact in the world by eradicating polio, improving health, education and alleviate poverty.  Every Rotarian should continue to support TRF by contributing $100 every year.  Although $100 may not seem very big to people in the developed countries, it can make a big impact in the work that TRF does Two challenges that DG Rebecca has put to the members include:- 
- think about what Rotary means for you and share it with others 
- talk about TRF to non-Rotarians as they may want to support TRF