This year club president Dave Rogers and past district governor Dean Rohrs
PDG Dean presented to members the trip to Tibet she went on with Magdalen earlier this year and shared some amazing pictures of their trip.  Their journey started at Xining, where they boarded a train to Lhasa, Tibet and had to share the cabin with a stranger man during the 24-hour train ride.   

The trip has started an obsession with doors for Dean and she said she can make a book of all the doors she has seen during that trip.  The highest altitude reached was 5,050M above sea level and there are oxygen outlets in each train compartment for people to use if needed.  The scenery was unbelievable with lots of lakes and snowy mountains in the background.  There are soil erosion programs to stop the erosion caused by the wind that spans hundreds of miles. 

They had visited Jokhang Temple, Potala Palace, Drepung Monastery, Sera Monestery and the Meditation Caves.  On their way to Potala Palace and the Meditation Caves, Dean had to conquer her fear of stairs as there were 376 steps up Potala and another 557 steps to the Meditation Caves.   

They saw some amazing mandalas built by sand at the Sera Monestery and some great fabric work at the Drepung Monastery which is the oldest and the largest monastery in the area. 

The mountain they passed by on their way to the Meditation Caves there are thousands of prayer flags hanging on strings on the mountain.  The dedication of the people to their belief was unbelievable as they had to climb up the mountain to put their prayer flags and this was the highlight of the trip for Dean.