Our past president James presenting certificate of appreciation in speaking at our club meeting to Rebeca from CHIMO.
Rebeca is the Director, Development and External Relations with CHIMO and she has started working there part-time when she was at studying at university and then it turned into a full time job.   

CHIMO started in 1974 and has been providing a diverse range of services and programs focused on assisting the community with 43 paid staff (full-time and part-time) and over 200 volunteers. 

Rebeca gave a brief overview of the programs they have at CHIMO including the following:- 
• Crisis Lines that most people are more familiar for people in emotional distress 
• Community Engagement Services with a range of educational programs and workshops for elementary and high school students 
• Outreach and Advocacy providing information, referral, support, advocacy and bridging to community and public agencies 
• Nova Transition House, a 10-bed facility for women and children who are fleeing violence at home 
• Counselling Services which act like an extension of the Nova Transition House for people who have left the Transition House to ensure they get the continuing support they need 
• Newcomer Assistance Centres supporting immigrants in transitioning to life in Canada 
• Pro Bono Law Clinics providing free legal advice for those who cannot afford representation 

A story about one of the people the Outreach and Advocacy service has helped was shared by Rebeca.  Jack was a homeless senior in his 70’s when he went to CHIMO.  He used to sleep in his car and would drive to different parking lots every night.  He was sent to the hospital as he was having blood circulation problem in his legs, probably from staying inside his car for too long.  CHIMO came in to help to put Jack’s life back in order and was able to arrange temporary shelters for Jack that would solve the housing problem in the short-term.  In the meanwhile they trained Jack to look for long-term housing using the internet.  Jack was able to find and rent an apartment utilizing the skills he learned at CHIMOand that has solved his housing problem. 

Besides funding from the government, CHIMO also engage in fundraising activities themselves such as partnering with other organizations such as the Ethel Tibbits awards where some of the funds raised went to CHIMO.  They also have other private donors and organizations that support their organization including the Quichena Golf Club.

A brochure about CHIMO was handed out to each member and Immediate Past President James has presented Rebeca with a certificate of appreciation at the end of the presentation.